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What is an eBook and what is an eReader?

eBook is an ordinary file that can be accessed on tablets, smartphones and eReaders.
If ordinary documents can be recognised by .doc or .txt extensions, eBooks are usually .epub or .pdf files.

eReader is a device for accessing eBook files, whereas its screen is as eye-friendly as reading any ordinary book. To download eBooks you need to connect the eReader to your computer. It is as easy as saving files on a USB flash drive.
Here you can see the selection of eReaders available at Rahva Raamat.

Besides eReaders, eBooks can be read on computers, smartphones, iPads and iPhones. There are free apps and programs for that. More information regarding these programs and apps is available under "How to read eBooks”.

Why buy eBooks?

eBooks and other books are not competitors but complementary formats. eBooks are for you if:

·You read a lot being on the go: an average eReader weighs ca 150 grams, fits into a pocket or purse and accommodates over 1,000 books.

·You want to save money: eBooks are on the average 30% cheaper. If you have an eReader, you can also access thousands of free eBooks. This makes eReaders quite cost-effective.

·You don’t have enough room on bookshelves any more.

·You are looking for a book that is out of print: eBooks never run out of print.

·You want to change settings: eBook font size, line spacing and text effects can be changed based on personal preferences.

How to read eBooks?

  • on a computer
  • If you read eBooks on your computer, we recommend this program Adobe Digital Edition.

  • on Android tablet or smartphoneFor Android tablet or smartphone we recommend you download a free app Aldiko Book Reader from Google Play Store.
  • on iPad or iPhoneFor iPad or iPhone we suggest a free app iBooks.
  • on eReader
    Most eReaders don’t need any additional software and eBooks can be added from the computer via USB cable as you would on any flash drive.

    NB! Amazon Kindle eReader does not support the .epub format. For that we suggest eBook management software Calibre. Rahva Raamat is not liable for the quality of converted files or the quality of file management software.
  • More about reading eBooks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhjLxzjkiG8

    Where to find eBooks?

    Rahva Raamat offers more than 200,000 eBooks in Estonian and English. You can browse here.
    Should you want to try reading eBooks, we can offer you more than 60 free eBooks.
    More free eBooks (>40,000), for example, can be found here: www.gutenberg.org

    How can I buy eBooks online from Rahva Raamat?

    1. Make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone has a program or application for reading eBooks (see also in "How to read eBooks").
    2. Buy or get a free eBook from Rahva Raamat, add it to your Basket and click “Choose delivery method”.
    3. Input your name and e-mail and click "order".
    4. Choose applicable bank link (unless you have a free eBook) and verify the order.

    eBook download links will be provided in the e-mail you’ll receive after placing the order. If you are a registered customer, the links will also appear in the upper right hand corner in the menu “Lists”. Clicking on the link, choose a folder on your computer where the purchased eBooks can be saved.

    eBooks can be downloaded up to three times within the next 72 hours. We suggest you download them first on your computer, then make backup copies and only then copy them to your eReader or other device.

    NB! www.rahvaraamat.ee sells eBooks in .epub- and .pdf formats. The eBooks are protected with social DRM (DRM – Digital Rights Management) or Adobe DRM and are for personal use exclusively.
    eBooks cannot be returned or reimbursed.
    Rahva Raamat is not responsible for the loss of items due to device breakdowns.

    How to use eBooks with Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

    If the eBook file has an .ascm extension, it is an eBook protected by Adobe DRM. First, make you’re your eReader supports this format (most eReaders issued after 2010 do). Then, download a program named Adobe Digital Editions. When opening .ascm files with this program, it will simultaneously download the purchased eBooks to your computer.

    To read eBooks protected with Adobe DRM, you must authorise your eReader first. For that you need to connect your rReader to your computer (using a cable), open Adobe Digital Editions, and click on "Authorize Device" in the window that opens. If required, register your personal Adobe ID.

    What is social DRM i.e. digital ex libris?

    Social DRM means that all eBooks sold by Rahva Raamat carry a special watermark including the buyer’s personal data. This enables connecting the buyer with a specific eBook file. Social DRM watermark is called a digital ex libris.

    What are free eBooks?

    Rahva Raamat has a selection of eBooks that are free of charge. Free eBooks are perfect for practicing downloading digital books. The list includes classics like A. H. Tammsaare, E. Vilde and J. Liiv, the magazines Looming and Diplomaatia, etc. The list of free eBooks is here.

    Can I gift eBooks?

    As all eBooks get the buyers social DRM, eBooks are not suitable as gifts. If you want to give your friend an eBook, the best way to do it would be with an eGiftCard. The value of the eGiftCard can be anything between €1-100. When you send your friend this eGiftCard, they can make purchases within the value of the eGiftCard, including eBooks. eGiftCards can be purchased here.

    Terms of using eBooks:

    eBooks include material protected by copyright and the entire content of an eBook is subject to copyright law. eBooks may be used exclusively as prescribed by the owner of the copyright. By using an eBook you will automatically agree to the following terms:

    1. The entire contents of the eBook are protected by copyright. All rights reserved;
    2. eBook is for personal use exclusively;
    3. Making copies of any part or whole of the eBook is prohibited unless it is for personal use of the owner of the eBook registered in the digital ex libris;
    4. Parts or whole of the eBook can be printed only by the owner of the eBook registered in the digital ex libris if such prints are for their personal use; copying the eBook and sharing it with third parties is prohibited;
    5. eBooks may be downloaded and saved only by owner of the relevant eBook registered in the digital ex libris;
    6. It is prohibited to remove any marks, labels or other eBook copyright signs.
    7. Unlawful and unintended use or unauthorised distribution of copyright-protected eBooks is unlawful and punishable. eBook publisher and vendor are not liable for any damages due to any unlawful use of eBooks.

    Did you find what you were looking for? If not, send us an e-mail: epood@rahvaraamat.ee.