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At fifteen, Etta’s biggest concern in life is why she is not allowed to play outside or peek into the dozen sheds in her foster mother’s back yard. She’s not too bothered how her kind ‘old woman’ of 35 got her or why. When abducted in the middle of the night from the safety of her home, Etta has to put her survival skills to the test. All the fishes and butterflies and May bugs, the mouse and even the swallow she meets are super helpful, but Etta gets the feeling there is something they are not telling her. Add meeting a few other girls her age in the same enchanted part of the forest where all the roads circle back on themselves and anyone would get suspicious. Will Etta find out what’s the big secret? Having met no boys in her life, what will she think of the Fairy Prince? And why, oh, why, is everybody hell bent on marriage? This is Thumbelina with elements of abduction, murder, forced incarceration, the walking dead, loss of loved ones and, of course, true love and what happens in the ever after. Optimists and pessimists each get their own ending - because our outlook on life determines our choices, which, in turn, determine the opportunities we see and the consequences we get.

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