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This book offers a wealth of inspiration to knitters as well as lovers of the written word.

Kristiina Ehin’s imaginative insight into the inner life of knitters of the past helps us to better

understand the magical world of Kristi Jõeste’s knitted gloves.

Gloves have had special significance to Estonians down through the ages. The Estonian National

Museum has approximately 5000 knitted gloves in its collection. As knitting was a very important skill,

it was learned from mothers and grandmothers in early childhood.

Gloves accompanied people throughout their lives.

Patterned gloves could increase good fortune and keep evil at bay.

Ornamented Journey presents a look into the world of knitted Estonian gloves.

In the area of handicraft literature this is a unique book, where two art forms are woven together.

Both are founded on a deep perception of Estonian folk tradition.

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